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“He’s mild mannered, he doesn’t complain, he’s just a gentle soul,” Tucker said.

Rule downplays his mayoral service, saying not much is required of the mayor in a small borough. But Tucker begs to differ. The state Department of Environmental Protection ordered Nuangola to install a sewer system that became a decade-long point of contention in the borough, with some residents wanting the system and others saying they couldn’t afford the hookup fees. Even council became divided during that time, Tucker said.

“The only bright light that has been through it all is Norman Rule,” Tucker said.

“I asked him, ‘Norm, how have you gotten through this?,’ and he said, ‘I just keep my mouth shut and I don’t get in trouble with anybody,’” Tucker said. “I wish I had his patience.”

When Webby swore Rule in,

Tucker asked Rule if he wanted Webby to go ahead and swear in the three council members –incumbents Tucker and Mark Gandzyk and new member Thomas Williams –who were starting new terms as well.

In a rare move, Rule balked. Tucker said Rule told him, “I’ve

been waiting for this moment to swear the right people in” –and by the “right people,” Tucker said Rule meant that council has a nice mix of people who live both on and off Nuangola Lake and people who represent a variety of backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses.

Rule told Tucker this could possibly be his last opportunity to swear in new council members. At that point, Tucker backed down. Webby swore Rule in, and then immediately before council’s reorganization meeting, Rule swore in the new council members.