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along with Rice and Fairview Police, in the Mountaintop Regional Police Commission. In February, Marshall made a motion to have the attorney general investigate and he was backed by supervisors Welebob and Macko. Supervisor Jerome Uram was absent. In March, Welebob to rescind that action, and was that time backed by all but Marshall and the matter was dropped.

2018 Appointments

With Marshall chosen as chairman of the board for 2018, Macko was appointed vice chairman. Marshall was also made roadmaster, to earn a salary determined by township auditors. Joan Malkemes was reappointed as secretary-treasurer for the township.

Zampetti was made liaison to the environmental advisory council and the zoning and sanitation departments. Marshall will represent the fire and planning departments, as well as be recycling coordinator. Macko will be liaison to the police department and Howton will be for the parks and recreation department.

Howton and Marshall will be the township’s representatives to the Mountain Top Council of Governments, with Macko, Welebob, and Zampetti as alternates. Macko and Police Chief Royce Engler will serve on the Mountaintop Regional Police Commission, with Zampetti and Sergeant Scott Rozitski as alternates. Serving on Wright’s Recreation and Environmental Inc. will be Macko and Marshall, with and Carolyn Fisher and Joan Malkemes.

Strategic Municipal Group LLC was appointed as the cable TV complaint officer, to be paid $30 per hour. Steven Egenski was appointed sewage enforcement officer and Frank Egenski was made alternate, both to be paid in accordance with a resolution adopted in February 2015.

Berkheimer was made earned income tax collector, to be paid 1.485 percent commission on moneys remitted and postage, and also local services tax collector, to be paid 2.05 percent commission on moneys remitted and postage. The mileage rate for all township officials and employees was set at 54.5 cents per mile, which is the 2018 IRS rate. Borton Lawson was made township engineer, to be paid as per a resolution adopted in 2010.

Conrad Siegel was made police pension actuary and David Pettit was named to the vacancy board, with a term expiring in Dec. 2018. Stanley Gutkowski was appointed as emergency management coordinator, with a term expiring Dec. 2018.

David Carl was appointed to the Mountaintop Area Joint Sanitary Authority, with a term expiring Dec. of 2022. Appointed to the recreation board with terms expiring in Dec. 2018 –Keri Hinkle, Thomas Mayka, Luke Modrovsky, Laurel Prohaska, Joan Schmidt, and Amanda Smith.

Carl Ungvarsky was appointed to the planning commission and Carolyn Sromoski was named planning commission administrator.

Ivan Pettit was named to the zoning hearing board as was Edward Mylet, with a term expiring 2022. Attorney Robert Gonos was appointed again as zoning hearing board solicitor, to earn $75 an hour, and Donald Karpowich was named planning commission solicitor, to earn the same.

The board’s regular monthly meetings on the second Monday of each month, at 7 p. m., at the Wright Municipal Building. Works session will be held prior at 6 p. m.