Student Threat At Crestwood Results In Suspensions

A boy in eighth grade at Crestwood Secondary Campus threatened on Jan. 10 to bring a gun to school, and the next day a girl in the same grade posted alarming statements on social media, Wright Township Police Chief Royce Engler said.

Both students received suspensions.

All parents of Secondary Campus students received the following e-mail on Jan. 10 from Principal of Student Affairs Bonnie Gregory: “Earlier this afternoon, we received information about a student who made threatening statements at the Secondary Campus. The matter was promptly investigated, the student’s parents were contacted and the individual was removed from the population immediately. The matter has been resolved and there are no safety concerns at this time.”

The boy received a 10-day suspension, Engler said.

But despite the e-mail assurance that the school had no safety concerns, a female eighth grader the following morning “posted that she didn’t know if she’d be safe at school that day, and people were responding with ‘OMG,’” Engler said.

Police interviewed the girl, and “she just messed up,” Engler said. She was also suspended for 10 days because of the panic she created, but neither student received criminal charges.

The school has no ongoing security concerns, Engler said.