Saint Jude School

STUDENTS PREPARED THEIR HEARTS THIS ADVENT-As the flurry of Christmas activity hit the students of Saint Jude School who have been focusing on a season more attuned to prayer and preparation than one of presents. The focus in the school has been on the season of Advent, a time when Catholic Christians are called upon to prepare their hearts and minds for the coming of Christ at Christmas. From the bulletin board in the front hall depicting Mary and Joseph’s journey towards Bethlehem, to the Advent wreath lit each Monday at Morning Prayer students are learning about the importance of getting ready for Christ’s coming and making changes in their lives for the better. The Seventh Grade Class created Advent Calendars based upon key words such as “anticipation”, “love”, “rejoice”, “light” and “faith”. Students were challenged to find a picture that corresponded to each word and put them into calendar format. Shown, from left: Shreya Rupareliya, Sydney Kozden, Molly Jameson, Katelyn Bozinko, Caden Sparich.