Tiny Frog Caused Big Delay For Ice Lakes Dam Repair

Over two years after residentsfirst complained about loweredwater levels in the upper lake, workis finally about to begin on the IceLakes dam repair project.

Why the delay?

There were multiple factors, butone of the main ones was a frog that’sso small it could sit on the tip of yourfinger.

Actually, to be more accurate, itwas because of the possibility thatsuch a frog exists at the Ice Lakes. No one is even certain that it’s there.

Here’s how such a small froghelped to cause such a big holdup.

Following residents’ complaints inthe summer of 2015, it was discoveredthat a pipe connecting the upper andlower lakes was leaking. This wascausing the level of the upper laketo recede. Residents at townshipsupervisors’ meetings complainedof beached boats, reduced propertyvalues and general unsightliness.

At first, the state Department ofEnvironmental Protection (DEP) caused the holdup. Because theagency owns and regulates dams, ithas a say in how they’re repaired. Residents asked for emergencystatus to speed the repairs, but theDEP denied the request in Oct. 2015because nobody’s life or propertywas at stake.

So the township began makingplans to repair the pipe withoutexpedited status. In September 2016, Township Secretary Jeff Beck and