Whole Life Center Offers Tips For Good Health

‘Tis the season for being joyful, peaceful, generous, and…sick? No one enjoys wrapping up their holiday season feeling under the weather, yet the stress and the sugar laden foods that come with the holidays weaken the immune system, and therefore make our bodies more susceptible to falling ill. With loved ones near and festivities abound, there are better ways to spend our time than in bed recovering. The question is, how do we keep ourselves well so we can spend our time doing what we like?

To enjoy the holidays and every other day, our immune system needs to be bolstered and ready to overcome invaders. There are a few simple ways we can increase our immune system function. One thing we can do every day is exercise. This does not mean you need to run a marathon (unless you want to, of course!) Moving our bodies and getting our hearts pumping releases “feel good” chemicals like endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. All of these chemicals are useful in firing up and regulating the immune response of our bodies. Whether it’s a walk outside or a YouTube yoga video, our bodies crave movement to stay well.

Sleep is another important player in our immune system function. Getting enough sleep is vital for our bodies to have time to recharge our cells, give our brains time to process all the information they gathered during the day, and wake up ready for our day ahead. Studies also suggest that sleep deprivation, which means less than 6 hours per night for most adults, weakens our immune system and causes us to be more likely to fall ill. Keep in mind, children and teens need more sleep than most adults.

Healthful nutrition is always important, and especially during the winter holidays. While holiday parties and gatherings make it more difficult to eat nutrient dense fruits and vegetables, we can maximize our intake of those foods during the rest of our days. This is a great time of year to make a large batch of hearty vegetable soup, and freeze half to have an easy, healthy meal for later. Frozen wild blueberries also make for a sweet, antioxidant rich snack. Get creative in the winter months!

Finally, and for some this may be a surprise, chiropractic care can be the key to staying well for the holidays and beyond. One study in particular conducted at New York’s Preventative Medicine Institute by Dr. Ronald Pero, PhD, chief of cancer prevention research, demonstrated a 200% greater immune competence in patients that received chiropractic care versus patients that had not received care. He also noted a 400% boost in immune function in the general population under chiropractic care versus those with serious diseases that have never had chiropractic care! Overall, chiropractic adjustments help the immune system and the nerve system coordinate with each other more effectively, allowing our bodies the greatest potential to heal and remain well. Regular adjustments through the winter months can help keep sniffles and more at bay.

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