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supervisors be reviewed and accepted. Opiel went on to explain that the previous zoning officer had mistakenly required the Gentilescos to file their track as a private recreational facility. He and the board have since examined the law and decided that was incorrect.

“This is a gross violation in my opinion,” said resident Dan Eustice, questioning the legality of the supervisors and Gentilescos working on an agreement without a public hearing. “We’re all affected by this. If you lived where we live, you wouldn’t let this go.” He continued that the noise, dust, and dirt that is generated from the dirt-bike track has caused he and his neighbors to suffer. Despite zoning violations and police intervention, the operation “continues for hours and hours on end and all of our holidays are ruined.”

Zoning Chairman David Carl explained that, while he is sympathetic, the activity going on is allowed in Wright Township’s zoning code. “The board is sensitive to this, but the reality is, there is nothing in the zoning ordinance to restrict this use. Our zoning ordinance is not perfect. It’s an allowed use,” Carl stated.

Eustice asked then, if there is anything in the code to restrict the magnitude of the activity. Carl replied that the township supervisors are doing their best to advocate for the residents’ concerns. “The only way they can advocate for us is to shut it down,” Eustice said. After Carl again repeated that it is allowed under zoning law, an agitated Eustice replied, “Then we might as well all move and sell our properties at a diminished value.”

“We as a zoning hearing board can just go by the ordinance,” Carl stated. “It’s up to the supervisors to modify the law.” Resident JoAnn Lawson asked if the township had a noise ordinance or a decibel limit and she was told it did. “That’s something you can explore with the zoning officer,” Opiel said.

The attorney continued, “Obviously it’s a heated issue. I’d advise all of you to speak to a private attorney.” Carl also noted that private legal action can be taken and he suggested the residents bring their concerns to the township supervisors, as that board is “working with the Gentilescos to limit the use on their property.”

Eustice and other residents at the meeting warned that, once other people know that dirt-bike tracks are allowed in the township, more may pop up. The supervisors know this is an issue that needs to be addressed, Carl replied.