Dirt-Bike Track Annoys Wright Twp. Residents

A group of disgruntled Wright Township residents, who say they’ve been suffering for months as a result of a neighbor’s dirt-bike track, turned out in full force for a third zoning hearing on the matter, only to be told once again that a continuance has been granted. To further their dismay, they were told that it was a mistake that this dirt-bike operation need apply for a permit, and that little may be done to combat the disturbance, lest they hire an attorney or plead their case to the township supervisors.

These residents have long complained of the dirt-bike noise and pollution, off Yeager Road, with it especially going on all day on July 4. At that time, the township’s zoning officer issued notices of violation to the Gentilesco family and determined that a special-exception permit was needed as the operation was a “private recreational facility.” The first zoning hearing for the permit was held in September and another was held in November; both times a continuance was granted so that attorneys on both sides could be better prepared.

At a Dec. 4 zoning hearing, once again two dozen residents, some with notepads and others with phones containing videos of the dirt-bike operation, were ready to testify and show evidence that it causes a disturbance. To their surprise, Attorney Chris Opiel (filing in for regular zoning board Attorney Robert Gonos), announced the hearing would be continued again until an agreement made between the property owner and township