No Tax Increase Expected In Wright Township

The Wright Township Supervisors were scheduled to vote on the adoption of the township’s proposed 2018 budget at a special meeting December 4, after press time.

No tax increase was expected, with millage to remain .07516.

Proposed for 2018, total expenditures for the general fund in Wright Township will be $2,555,330, which is down from 2017’s expenditures of $2,628,818.

Under expenditures, general government costs are at $206,580, up nearly $3,000 from last year, and public safety is proposed to be $843,335, down $2,000 from 2017. Public works/sanitation will cost the same as last year, at $24,000, as will health and welfare, billed at $2,000.

There is a decrease from 2017 in expenditures for public highways, roads, and streets. For 2018, the township will spend $968,612, utilizing grants for some road repair work. In 2017, the cost in that area was over a million dollars. There is an increase in the culture/recreation budget by about $20,000, with the 2018 number set at $74,500.

Revenues from taxes are estimated to be $1,511,000 for next year, up $15,946 from the 2017 budget. The next highest source of revenue will be intergovernmental revenue, totaling $474,500, which is up nearly $100,000 from 2017, and interfund operating transfers, expected to be $256,000 in 2018.

Expenditures for the 2018 highway aid fund will be $255,000, leaving a $1,424 balance after incoming revenues. Heart/lung insurance funds total $125,917; storm maintenance and monitoring funds total $24,037; and unemployment compensation funds total $5,653.