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the borough might not need to have a recycling facility in 2018, and $540 for the mayor’s wages.

Smaller miscellaneous expenses are also included in the proposed general budget.

The liquid fuels budget will need revisions before the 2018 budget can be adopted at the Dec. 18 meeting. The proposed liquid fuels budget (both income and expenditures) was set at $35,000, but at council’s November meeting, Secretary Sabine Thomas read council a letter from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania indicating that Nuangola would receive only $33,879 in liquid fuels funds in 2018 –$7,879 less than budgeted.

Also, there was a calculation error in the proposed liquid fuels budget, and expenditures actually total $41,000 rather than $35,000. Vice President Michael Johnson said the proposed liquid fuels budget will need to be discussed at the Dec. 18 meeting before it can be adopted. Money in the liquid fuels account is used for rock salt, road maintenance, truck fuel and streetlights, as well as payments on a truck the borough intends to buy.

The proposed budget is posted on the door of the municipal building for public inspection until the Dec. 18 meeting.