EMS System, Municipal Park Improvements Top Priorities In Slocum Twp.

Business remains routine in Slocum Township as the year comes to a close and the 2018 budget has been completed. EMA system and municipal park improvements top the list of priorities for the coming winter months and the coming spring of 2018.

The budget contains no millage increase for 2018 and retains the same $165/year fee for garbage collection. Township revenue from both township and state sources, including road maintenance, taxes, permits and investments and totaled $313,019.86. General fund expenditures for the overall administration of the township, including township employees and building maintenance totaled $57, 350.00. General fund and Public safety, including EMS services such as ambulance, fire and civil defense, sanitation, recreation and highway expenses totaling an anticipated $132,650.00.

County Waste was the sole bidder for garbage collection in the township which will cost $78,000 per year for next three years, an annual increase of one thousand dollars which will have no impact on residents.

The most notable change to the 2018 budget is a thousand dollar increase for park improvements. The Slocum Township Municipal Park currently lacks a play area for small children, and Solicitor Ferris Webby has applied for several grants to help supplement the budgeted funds and an engineering firm has already begun work on a set of plans, which the township is hoping to start implementing this spring.