On and Off The Mountain-Stephanie Grubert

The Grubert-Dicus Thanksgiving celebration was a non-stop whirlwind of fun activities. For three days beginning Wednesday November 22 our house rocked interacting with our children Lara and Mark and our grandchildren Charlie, Patrick, Kate and Maggie. We have such a good time in the summers and the long weekend was a warm reminder of the love we share.

Before the guests arrived I spent a few hours baking an apple pie, peeling white and sweet potatoes to cook the next day, peeling and cooking the turnip, and preparing fresh cranberry sauce. The next morning I chopped the onions and celery for my in-bird bread stuffing just in time for the 9 a. m. turkey in the oven event. I don’t usually cook before I have my morning coffee, but the early start launched the day’s meal preparation ritual.

I always make a “big breakfast” on holidays. Pancakes or scrambled eggs, fruit and bacon are crowd pleasers.

With the day ahead the kids went outside for some touch football and in the early afternoon Lara, Kate and I went for our mountain air walk. No hunting on Thanksgiving so we were safe to hike up into the Gamelands. Our route has several steep hills, good for giving our hearts a workout and sharpening our appetites.

The dinner was abundant and served on time. The fun of it is sharing with family.

Shopping, Tree Cutting, Travel

All enjoyed black Friday shopping. The men, boys and Maggie Dicus went out together and Lara, Kate and I stopped by our favorites. Even with the growth of online shopping over the past 20 years, I still like to visit a shop or store, touch and feel the merchandise and interact with the owners, shopkeepers, and clerks.

Friday night dinner was already to reheat when we returned before sunset. I cook a lot for Thanksgiving and the meal keeps on giving.

Saturday morning was our Helen and Ed’s Christmas tree cutting. This week there were dozens of cars in the farm’s parking lot and our beautiful Brooklyn bound tree was atop the car ready or transport quickly. Helen & Ed’s has beautifully trimmed trees in many sizes. The Myslowski family is eager to keep the customers coming back year after year.

Saturday afternoon Charlie and Patrick wanted to test out their track and field skills so we drove over to Crestwood High School hoping that the field was open. Sadly it was not, even though Charlie Grubert inquired in the high school about the possibility. Unlocking the field on a holiday weekend would have been easy as there were other activities going on inside the high school building. The field did appear to be in great shape as viewed through the fence.

Mark Grubert caught a late afternoon flight from Avoca to Charlotte, North Carolina and the Dicus family packed their car for their post-dinner trip back to Brooklyn. Our family weekend was coming to a close. We have new photos, new memories and the anticipation of Christmas for the weeks to come.

Deer Day

Monday was the “First Day of Buck” or “Deer Day” and I heard a lone rifle shot shortly after 7 a. m. We have enjoyed our daily backyard deer viewing for more than a month as the apples fell from our tree and were eaten morning and evening. The deer ranged from some born this year to larger doe and bucks of varying sizes with racks. The deer disappeared with the apples. They could be nearby in the woods of our 52-acre development. I saw some on recent walks into the Gamelands.

Rifle deer season will go through Saturday December 9. I won’t be walking much in the Gamelands for the next couple of weeks. The Mountaintop Eagle is always happy to photograph the hunters’ harvest. You can also take a photo with your smartphone and email it to us at news@mteagle.comor like we used to do it in the old days, just drive on up with your trophy in your pick-up truck and we will take the photo. Either way it is great to share your harvest with friends, family and all our Mountaintop neighbors.

Toys for Tots The Mountaintop Eagle is again

participating in the Marine Corps Toys for Tots collection. Toys are needed for children of all ages. All must be new and unwrapped. Stop by and give this holiday season.

Donation boxes are also at various locations in Mountaintop including Independent Life Home Care, Little Big Steps, and South Mountain Veterinary Hospital. Cash donations will also be accepted. Donations will be accepted until December 15. A new toy for a child for Christmas is something we can all give.