Nuangola Council Plans Truck Purchase

Nuangola council plans to buy a truck in time for winter plowing season but will nonetheless hold the line on taxes in 2018.

The truck is expected to cost around $64,000. To pay for it, council plans to use a $16,000 insurance payout from a township dump truck fire, a $3,500 insurance payout from damages to the township pickup truck, and two-thirds of a $30,000 payment the sewer authority recently submitted to the borough. The remainder of the sewer authority payment will be used for road repairs in 2018.

Council voted to seek a $25,000 loan from First Keystone National Bank to cover the balance for the truck. The borough’s proposed 2018 liquid fuels budget has a $500 monthly truck payment factored in for loan repayment.

Council also voted to apply for a Local Share Account grant from county gaming funds in hopes of buying a second truck to take the place of a truck that is in poor repair.

Despite the need for new equipment, council was able to propose a budget for 2018 that includes no tax increases. Real estate tax millage remains at .444 percent and earned income tax at 1 percent, President Joe Tucker said.

The proposed budget lists both income and expenditures at $202,050. The liquid fuels budget, which comprises state funds paid to the township for road maintenance and related expenses, lists both income and expenditures at $35,000. However, Secretary Sabine Thomas read a letter from the state indicating that the borough would receive only $33,879 in 2018. Vice President Michael Johnson said the road maintenance line item would be reduced accordingly before the budget comes up for a vote next month.