Small Wonders and Wilkes-Barre Academy

SMALL WONDERS/WILKES-BARRE ACADEMY WELCOMES SECOND GENERATION-Small Wonders and Wilkes-Barre Academy were founded by twin sisters, Cappie Evers and Cletta Salavantis. Since its establishment, the education program of Small Wonders/Wilkes-Barre Academy has earned a wonderful reputation in the Wyoming Valley, and the school has received numerous awards for programs like the Science Olymiad and honors for artisitic programs such as the Glee Club. Perhaps the greatest honors earned have been awarded by its previous students. So many of the children who received care in the 1980’s and 1990’s are now parents sending their children to the same place they attended as children. They have so fondly remembered their years at Small Wonders and Wilkes-Barre Academy that they are now sending their children. They want their children to share their experiences with the advanced educational programs, the caring staff and faculty, and the strong sense of community and family at Small Wonders/Wilkes-Barre Academy. Shown are multi-generational students who have attended Small Wonders/Wilkes-Barre Academy over the years, front from left: Kadyn Hernandez, Ava Kramer, Cappie Evers, co-owner; and Cletta Salavantis, co-owner. Row two: Brayden Hernandez, Cole Kramer, Luke Conahan, Lily Gorski, Liliana Walsh and Olivia Foster. Row three: Shannon Hernandez, Ambria Kramer, Olivia Conahan, Eric Conahan, Nick Gleco, Dominic Gleco, Tara Gwilliam-Gorski, Gunnar Walsh, Mary Kosek-Walsh, and Erika Uniatowski. Back: Eileen Sholtis, kindergarten teacher; Debbie Cooper, director of Small Wonders; and Mehan Uniatowski.