On and Off The Mountain-Stephanie Grubert

We got our first real snow of the season Sunday night. After a rather balmy Sunday in the 40’s I wasn’t thinking about snow at all. The light covering in my yard and on my neighbor’s roof was a total surprise as the dawn brightened up the sky. It is a good sign for bear hunters, who could now more easily track the elusive black bruins. Please send us your photos of your harvests, both for bear and deer as the seasons progress.

Holidays Here

The 2017 holiday season officially begins this week with Thanksgiving. Some retail stores have had Christmas items on their shelves for months, but now is the time we can really enjoy the season shopping, decorating, and making those delicious dinners and special treats.

Charlie and I have been cutting our fresh tree at Helen & Ed’s Tree Farm in Dorrance since we moved to Mountaintop in 1978. We had cut fresh trees in Virginia and New Jersey from the time we were married. There is no other Christmas tree for us.

For the past few years we have put up our trees at home and at the Mountaintop Eagle before Thanksgiving. Our decorating scheme is not as big as it once was, but we want our children and grandchildren to see Mema and Papa’s house ready for Christmas, when they celebrate Thanksgiving with us. This year we decided Saturday November 18 would be our day to get the trees. Saturday was rainy, but we donned our weatherproof coats and headed for the Myslowski farm in Dorrance. I don’t like to let inclement weather put a crimp in my plans.

The rain pelted our car as we made the 8-mile trip. Driving into Helen & Eds large parking lot we could see we were the only customers and the barn and payment shed were closed and locked. The baling equipment was under wraps because of the rain. Undeterred I called Helen & Ed’s number and proprietor Ed Myslowski, Jr. cheerfully answered our call. We asked Ed if we could cut our trees. “Call me back when you’re ready. I’m working outside today.” I replied that his trees were all so perfect that we would be ready in less than 20 minutes.

As Ed was baling our treasures I asked if we were the first customers of the season. He replied with a glint in his eye, “No, not the first but the second,” to which Charlie added the second and third trees cut and sold at the farm.

Helen & Ed’s 220 acre Christmas Tree Farm has more than 100,000 trees in varying stages of growth. The business also includes growing and selling landscape trees and has a diversified inventory of 28 varieties balled and burlaped in a range of heights. The farm sells some of their larger trees to nearby towns and this year sold a beautiful tree to the Hershey Hotel near Harrisburg.

We will be back this weekend with the Dicus family to cut their tree for their Brooklyn house. There will be music, lots of people arriving, cutting and happily leaving Helen & Ed’s with their special tree. For Charlie and me, the solo customer experience was perfect. “Blackie Missing”

The Mountaintop Eagle has been advertising “Blackie Is Still Missing” on our classified page for the past month. Nancy Merrick came to the Eagle several weeks after Blackie went missing from the I-81 North rest stop on September 19. Blackie got out of Nancy’s camper and was frightened and ran off into the wooded area behind the rest stop. Nancy was distraught at the loss of her beloved 9-year-old, 9-pound cat, which she said she adopted as a stray. Blackie is declawed and had never been outside.

Nancy has been determined to hunt down every lead she has received from advertising Blackie’s loss and to date she has rescued 9 stray black cats, taken them to the vet for inspection and spaying and adopted one as her new “Blackie”. “I just want to know that my Blackie is safe,” says Nancy.

The new “Blackie” is one of the rescues and is now living with Nancy and her husband in Muncy, PA. She is happy to have a new cat that seems to have many of the same mannerisms of her beloved Blackie, but she continues to hope that her Blackie will be found. If you see an unfamiliar black cat in your area please give Nancy a call at 570-419-3665.

Small Business Saturday

Small Business Saturday is this week, November 25, 2017. Originally promoted by American Express in 2010, local Mountaintop businesses are jointly promoting their businesses to shoppers on this day and throughout the year. One of the original Small Business

Saturday promoters in Mountaintop is Billy Aigeldinger, owner of Cavanaugh’s Grille. Billy has owned his restaurant, originally opened by Kevin Foley in 2014 for the past four years. The Mountaintop Eagle’s advertising base is 99% small businesses. We are the community newspaper to the other Mountaintop community businesses we serve.

Billy is an entrepreneur and an accountant. He knows how important financial management is to any business. Every dollar spent with a small business in the Mountaintop community stays right here in the form of jobs and goods and services purchased to keep that business going. Every local restaurant on or off the mountain is competing with national chain restaurants for the same dollars. Small business counts each customer as gold.

The Mountaintop Eagle has many gold customers. Some have been with us from the day the newspaper started in 1970. Many more have been our gold since I bought the Mountaintop Eagle in 1985. My goal is to insure their success and to keep them as my gold customers forever.

Look through the pages of this week’s Mountaintop Eagle and you will see the gold. All are contributing to the local economy and all are providing an essential product or service that customers need and want.

For me “Small Business Saturday” is every day of the year. And thank you Billy for reminding us.