Saint Jude School

SAINT JUDE FOURTH GRADERS LEAD MASS FOR VOCATIONS-A special visitor recently came to Saint Jude School with an important job to do. Fr. Donald Williams, Diocesan Vocations Director for the Diocese of Scranton, recently celebrated Mass at Saint Jude School. The Mass was led by the 4th grade class, who read the readings, led the singing and brought up the gifts. Fr. Don called upon the children to examine God’s plan for their lives and how each person has to open their hearts and truly listen. He asked the children to think about what their talents are and how they can best use those talents to serve God and those around them. Fr. Don’s visit was planned in anticipation of National Vocation’s Week, which this year began on November 5th. Shown, front from left: Patrick Smith, Brooks Wrightnour, Luis Ortiz, Elizabeth Papciak, Alex Gordon, Anson Jumper, Lillian Muller and Abigail Krupa. Row two: Martin Gorko, Alexis Bleiler, Rishi Patel, Andrew Grove, Joseph Mayernick, Kyra Chepolis, Michael Grandzol and Victoria White. Back: Pierce Sparich, Jordan Paulshock, Hayley Keiser, Matthew Mascarenhas, Christopher Herbener, Sister Ellen Fischer, SCC, Jacob Kopko, Dylan Venesky, Father Donald Williams.