Fairview Elementary

FAIRVIEW’S ONTRACK CHARACTER EDUCATION PROGRAM-During the first weeks of school Fairview students learned about the OnTrack Trait of Tolerance –to accept others for who they are, even if they look or believe different than me! An award assembly featured a slide show demonstrating students at Fairview Elementary being Tolerant. Mr. Seyer randomly chose winners from each grade level. They are: Kindergarten-Megan Williams, Jace Walker, and Robert Altmayer; First Grade-Kate Colleran, Cecelia Cain, and Caden Hoban; Second Grade-Alex Kucuk, Alexander Saponsky, and Holden Halpiin; Third Grade-Hannah Reilly, Grace Vachure, and Stella Janosczyk; Fourth Grade-Brody Stewart, Warren Farley, and MacKenzie Kovalski; Fifth Grade-Dylan Brozena, Owen Kline, and Michaela Hawley; and Sixth Grade-Jessica Golden and Juliette Witkowski.