Ice Lakes

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they say to do it,” she said. “We can’t sidestep them. I’m more comfortable taking our professional advisors’ advice” and waiting to award the bid.

In other business, supervisors:

Presented the proposed 2018 budget, which will be considered at the Dec. 5 supervisors meeting. The balanced budget lists both receipts and expenditures at $1.2 million.

Amended the township’s zoning ordinance to allow for planned residential developments in some zones and prohibit them in others. The amendment also changed language about “political signs” to “temporary signs” in order to comply with a recent Supreme Court decision that stated townships cannot regulate content of signage.

Supervisors held a public hearing before the meeting to hear citizens’ concerns about the zoning ordinance amendment, but no one raised objections.

Solicitor Jack Dean explained that the amendment is a “curative amendment,” meaning it fixes some discrepancies in the original ordinance, but it doesn’t really change anything from a practical standpoint.

Heard a public statement from Thomas congratulating Carl Smith for winning her supervisor seat in the previous day’s election.

“I’m thankful for the privilege of serving the township for 26 years,” Thomas said. “I don’t feel like a loser. I’m very happy with my contribution to the community over the years, and I know the township is in good hands.”

Smith, who attended as an audience member, said Thomas had been one of the driving forces in pointing the township in the right direction.

Approved a change order to the Nuangola Avenue paving project, saving the township $3,443.40.

Noted that leaf collection ends Nov. 16.

Gave each full-time township employee a $32 holiday bonus.

Answered questions from residents Cindy Dougherty and Theresa O’Dea regarding whether roads in condominium developments can be plowed by the township. Supervisors advised them to submit copies of their condominium covenant to the township office. They said the township engineer could then determine what would be needed in order to bring the roads up to township specifications.

Heard from resident Elvio Benzi, who expressed concerns about the scheduled demolition of the Church Road bridge and the construction of an intersection with a four-way stop in its place. Supervisors noted that this is a state Department of Transportation project and not a township project.

“It’s a done deal,” Supervisor Bob Pipech said. “We couldn’t change the plans if we wanted to.”