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long time incumbent Russ Marhold 394-348. Rose is new to the Fairview municipal team. Other Fairview supervisors are Bob Orloski and Mike Iorio.

Karen McGinnis was elected Fairview Tax Collector out pacing Patricia Iorio 442-317. McGinnis beat 3-term incumbent Maxine Macko in the spring primary by one vote.

Dorrance Township

Beverly A. Lukashewski won the Dorrance Township Tax Collector position over incumbent Julia Vencak 240-188. Vencak served one term.

Gary Zane was unopposed for supervisor and was reelected.

Wright Township

Matthew Howton, Wright Township Road Foreman was elected to one of two open seats with 672 votes, 32.18% of the total votes cast. Incumbent Louis Welebob was reelected to his 6th term on the board with 495 votes. Jerry Uram chose not to run. The board also includes Don Zampetti, Mike Marshall and Colleen Macko.

Former supervisor Candy Smith came in third with 480 votes.

Marcia Derwin was fourth in the supervisor race with 436 votes. Derwin was elected Inspector of Elections District 1 with 98.5% of the vote.

Incumbent Wright Township Tax Collector Barbara J. Macko was re-elected with 98.36% of the vote. Macko has served for 27 years in the job.

Slocum Township

Peter Webby was re-elected to a 6-year term for Slocum Township Supervisor with 197 votes. Norb Dotzel was elected to a 2-year term on the Slocum board with 223 votes. Judith Petiak was elected Tax Collector with 194 votes.

Nuangola Borough Four councilpersons were reelected in Nuangola Borough. Mark Gandzyk was the top vote getter with 144 votes followed by Joseph Tucker with 138, Michael J. Johnson 129, and Thomas Williams in fourth with 119. Incumbent Regina Plodwick was not re-elected.

Incumbent Nuangola Borough Tax Collector Bonnie Nensteil was reelected with 98.77% of the vote.

Crestwood School Board Two incumbents were reelected to the Crestwood School Board. Winning Democratic and Republican nominations were Maureen McGovern and Randy Swank. Three new board members will be seated in December: Barry Boone, James Costello and Anna Hollock-Bibla. Hollock-Bibla ran for a two-year term against Anna Modrovsky.

Luzerne County Council Luzerne County Council will

have three new members in 2018. Sheila Saidman, Matthew Vough and Chris R. Perry will join re-elected veterans Linda McClosky-Houck and Harry Haas on the 11-person council.