Saint Jude School

DINOSAURS WALK THE HALLS AT ST. JUDE SCHOOL-Saint Jude School recently took on a prehistoric feel as Dino-Man Bob Lisaius, visited. Liasius travels around the country sharing his paleontology expertise and teaching children the value and excitement only Science can provide. The program has been performed from Canada to San Diego and Dino-man did not disappoint during his recent visit. Whether the children were holding up Dino-Man’s clothesline depicting the eras of Earth’s history, or being levitated to demonstrate how a Tyrannosaurus’s tail supports his colossal weight, the entertainment value disguised the facts Lisaius rapidly shared with the children. The show capped off with the inflation of three life-sized dinosaurs Lisaius created himself to showcase how big the ancient lizards really were. Students in grades Preschool through 8th grade thoroughly enjoyed the show and came away with a deeper appreciation of all things prehistoric! Shown, kneeling from left: Audrey Rymar, Luke Strish, Hannah Fauerbach, Elizabeth Bilbow, Mia Correll, Sarah Rowlands and Gavin Venesky. Back: Quintin Sartori, Elizabeth Decowski, Owen Wasley, Collin Brenner, Luke Gordon, Reese Tavella, Alivia Sweet and Thomas Elick.