Saint Jude School

SCHOOL BUS BOOK REPORTS STOP TRAFFIC AT SAINT JUDE SCHOOL-When’s the last time you stopped traffic with the latest book you read? Well, the Saint Jude School 2nd and 3rd grade students did just that this Fall as they completed their School Bus Book Reports for Mrs. Crofchick and Mrs. Kolojejchik’s 2nd and 3rd grade classes. Students were to read a book of their choice and pay special attention to story sequence. They then retold their stories, summarizing key points, and dividing their story parts into beginning, middle and end. Finally, they completed their Bus Book reports and put them on display for the school to enjoy. Shown, kneeling from left: Katelyn Swiech, Reese Tavella, Cali Glaser, Rhea Mascarenhas, Gabriella White, Giovanna Grego and Peyton Bayley. Back: Collin Brenner, Miles McShea, Isabelle Wasley, Jacqui Gallagher, Gabe Shutt and Camden Brownell.