Mountaintop/White Haven Students On MMI Honor Roll

MMI Preparatory School has announced the names of students who achieved Honor Roll status during the first quarter of the 2017-2018 school year.

Mountaintop/White Haven area students are as follows:

Sixth Grade: Caitlin Lenahan, Leila McGraw, Robert Orbin, Jason Salio, Ilona Stoffa, and Heath Williams.

Seventh Grade: Evelyn Lacombe, Ty McDermott, Manal Muhammad, Nadia Saeed, and Lauren Urosevich.

Eighth Grade: Alistair Plotnick, Alex Smith, William Smith, Connor Spencer, Morgan Strecker, Kennedy Tavaris, Nathan Thayer, and Benjamin Zhao.

Ninth Grade: Hunter Blasko, Lindsay Braunstein, Morgan Hosier, James Kelly, Dominique Kline, Sydney Kohl, Katherine Lewandowski, Kevin McNulty, Hiba Muhammad, Emily Ryan, Ethan Stine, and Ella Urosevich.

10th Grade: Catherine Havrilla, Paige Machulsky, Kai Mele, Katharine Pinto, and Adam Tron.

11th Grade: Mahum Ahmed, Elliot Blasko, Wesley Guarneri, Keefer Hoover, Elise Hreha, Alexander Kline, Morgan Long, Emily Mundorf, Ariah-Kirin Saeed, and Coleman Smith.

12th Grade: Angelica Alday, David Caldwell, Caitlyn Kline, Mahad Muhammad, and Joseph Taylor.

For 137 years, MMI Preparatory School has been providing dedicated area students with a comprehensive and inspiring 6th through 12th grade college preparatory program that maximizes each individual’s academic, social and character potential in preparation for success in college and beyond.