Cross Country

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“I really enjoyed the team aspect this season,” said Moulton. “It has been an awesome experience to see runners step up and play a leadership role. The team has really come together.”

Dedication and leadership played a role on the Junior High team as well as Varsity, with the undefeated season of eighth grader, Molly DeMarzo.

DeMarzo moved to the mountain from Florida last year where she had just one year of track experience under her belt. DeMarzo says she did “ok” that first season, but liked it so much she decided to join cross country, even though she had to run unattached at meets since there wasn’t an official team at her school. She says that being on a full team at Crestwood made it even more fun and credits the coaching staff for their positive approach.

“They were all really supportive,” said DeMarzo. “I came in first my first race and everyone was really excited. I knew from there the season was going to be good.”

Moulton related that DeMarzo performed very well on the mile and two mile during the track season and while he knew she would be a contender during Cross Country, he didn’t know exactly to expect. He was very impressed with what he saw.

“She ran very smart races that started with the Cliff Robins invitational,” recalled Moulton. “She started out in top five, then took lead and kept lead from there.”

Moulton explained that seasons such as Molly’s are a pretty rare occurrence, since there are many days when a runner can have a bad run, or his or her opponent can have a very good run. He added that while the PIAA circuit includes the same runners week after week, invitationals often include runners from schools that are not in the regular district meet. DeMarzo, however, “blew away” the competition throughout the season –winning every race by a margin of 20 seconds to nearly a minute and a half. Again, Moulton points to dedication.

“She has worked so hard to get to this level,” said Moulton. “She is extremely determined to be all that she can be and that is why she’s able to continue at such a high level.”

DeMarzo will be a ninth grader next season, and while there is still some doubt as to whether or not she will join them permanently because of how late her birthday falls, Moulton is hopeful that DeMarzo will bring her dedication to a team with many returning seniors. He is also optimistic for the strong group of underclassmen returning to the boys Varsity team. Freshman Kyle Price will return as a sophomore and is expected to be a leader on the team the next few years to some talented upcoming freshmen.

“We will have a lot of freshman boys who really came a long way in the junior high program,” said Moulton. “They will be stepping into the varsity role and are definitely ready to take the next step.”

“It’s nice to have freshman on the team for good leadership. Having them display that leadership motivated the others to get better, and can transmit expectations to the younger kids coming up,” concluded Moulton,