On and Off The Mountain-Stephanie Grubert

At long last we have shifted back to Standard Time and I couldn’t be happier. The dark October mornings were brutal. I often wake between 5:30 and 6:00 a. m. and by the time we turned the clocks back on Saturday November 4 the first glimmers of light were not visible on a cloudy day until 7:30 a. m. or later. We will have shorter afternoons, but with the cooler seasonal temperatures getting lower every day we are more likely to be inside anyway. That’s what electric lights are for.

Charlie and I did make good use of our weekend playing nine holes at Blue Ridge Trail Golf Course, which continues to be the most outstanding public course in the region. Golf Course Manager and Superintendent Duane Schell oversees a gorgeous layout maintained in pristine condition.

We hadn’t played for a couple of weeks and our games were challenged by the Trail course with its carries and water features, but the overall experience was excellent. I don’t remember so much colorful foliage on the trees in Mountaintop so late into the fall in other years. I will have to consult with our resident weatherman Tom Clark for his take on this year’s season.

Deer Run

I also have never seen so many deer in neighborhoods and crossing roadways. Speeders beware; a collision with a deer is dangerous for you and your vehicle. We are in the middle of the Rut season and the deer are very active. We have a small herd in our Wilderness Estates neighborhood, which is about 50 acres in size. We have an apple-laden tree in our backyard and the deer come several times a day to see if fruit has fallen. We have several bucks of varying sizes and twice as many doe. There is one medium sized buck that will stay in the yard when Charlie is mowing or I am tending to some yard cleanup. He often stamps his foot as a sign to me that I am interfering with his plans.

Last week a huge buck with a big rack whizzed about 15 feet in front of me as I was on the road approaching my yard after my morning walk. The deer darted out of the woods next to my garden most likely headed for a neighbor’s apple tree across the street. The close encounter scared me and my heart rate shot up. I had previously seen a small herd along Heslop Road earlier that day as I started my walk. Yes, they are very active.

The rifle deer season will begin Monday November 27, four days after Thanksgiving. The rifle bear season begins Saturday November 18 and concludes on Wednesday November 22. There is no hunting for deer or bear on Sundays. Good luck to all the hunters and be sure to let the Mountaintop Eagle know of your success.

General Election

The November General Election was Tuesday November 7. Our weekly edition is on the newsstand on Tuesday mornings, but we will not go to print for another 6 days and election results will be published next week. You can check results at the Luzerne County Election website Tuesday evening. The primary results were not easy to read, but the candidate list was paired down and we should be looking at a simpler display.

Mountaintop had contested municipal races in Fairview, Rice, Wright and Nuangola. Crestwood School Board positions including one contested position for a 2-year term were on the ballot. Ferris Webby was expected to win the District Magistrate race. The position was open this year for the first time in 40 years. Luzerne County Council had 5 open positions. Participation in local government is our right and duty. Voter turnout has been dwindling for decades. I hope Mountaintop voters turned out to do their duty.

Turkey Giveaway We published our annual Turkey

Giveaway pages last week and you still have another week to get your coupons deposited in the 31 local businesses by Wednesday November 15. The Mountaintop Eagle has once again partnered with Carone’s Market as the turkey pickup point for winners. Thanksgiving is our national “Turkey Day” as the Europeans like to call it.

I most always host our family celebration with help from my daughter Lara bringing desserts or side dishes. I like to vary our menu with new recipes for the traditional sweet potato, stuffing, bean, rutabaga, creamed onions, and cranberry garnish. A nice big turkey keeps the family satisfied for several meals.

And too it’s time for me to bake my annual apple pie. Pumpkin cheesecake is also a tradition.