1 P. M. HONORS RECITAL STUDENTS-The NEPMTA recently presented piano students in an Honors Recital held at Darte Hall, Wilkes University October 22. Students auditioned in September and received excellent or superior ratings on their performance, as well as excellent or superior ratings on a written theory test. They were presented at the recitals with their certificates in performance and Theory Proficiency, as well as silver and gold medals for excellent or superior performances. Judges for the event were Jackie Legg and David Meehan. NEPMTA members whose students qualified to perform in the Honors Recitals include: Andrea Bogusko, Sheila Butkiewicz, Pamela Carroll, Roger Hayden, Judith Katra, Denise Knox, Michele Millington, Christina Shimp, Diane Shuleski, and Narda Sperrazza. 1 p. m. recital participants, front from left: Adrian Murray, Ellie Hannon, Tyler Cleveland, Aaliyah Murray, Lyndsey Zhang, Sabrina Zdancewicz, Patrick Branley, and Macelia Bulzoni. Row two: Brady Mullin, Daria Clarke, Arushi Solgama, Joseph Kopko, Claire Zdancewicz, Sam Boger, and Vidhi Bansal. Back: Kevin Cheng, Korina Cheng, Mia Murphy, Erin Barno, Philip Gristina, Khushi Kansal, James Lanning, Olivia Sellers, Antwan Murray, Yashu Bansal, and Mia Karcutskie.