On and Off The Mountain-Stephanie Grubert

We are into a new month. November 2017 marks the Moutaintop Eagle’s 32nd anniversary as an independent newspaper. There have been unprecedented changes in many industries in the last 32 years, and the last 10 have been even more challenging for newspapers. Beginning with the 9/11/2001 tragedy at the World Trade Center in New York City American businesses have hunkered down and streamlined their companies to survive.

On a smaller scale the Mountaintop Eagle has ridden the bumps, valleys and peaks through the great recession of 2008 and beyond to stay viable in a changing financial world. The printed word has been a staple of our society for hundreds of years. So too in Mountaintop we continue and prosper.

Confirmation Day

The Grubert-Dicus family celebrated Patrick Discus’ confirmation at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in Brooklyn last weekend. Patrick and his family are members of St. Augustine’s Church only a few blocks away, but their church lost their pastor this year and the confirmation ritual was combined. Just like newspapers and retail businesses, churches are struggling with independence and viability.

I was honored that Patrick chose me to be his sponsor. I enjoyed every minute of the solemn ritual accepting young adults into the Roman Catholic Church. Confirmation indicates that a candidate accepts the responsibilities of the faith. Catholics believe that the Holy Spirit endows the confirmed person with spiritual gifts, such as wisdom, understanding, counsel, piety and fear of the Lord. It is a lofty goal for a 14 year old and reinforcement for the years of religious instruction that Patrick’s parents have invested in their child.

After confirmation we enjoyed a family celebration dinner at La Villa, one of Brooklyn’s finest casual dining restaurants. All enjoyed pizza, eggplant Parmesan, calzone, Caesar wraps, and other Italian treats. The abundance of food was enjoyed twice hours later. The hungry teenagers in the Dicus family need sustenance.

Rain all Day All day Sunday the rain came and

winds threatened, but not as strong as the weather reports predicted. I was prepared with my heavy duty Helly Hanson raingear and it got a workout. The rains did not keep us away from our agenda, but by night we were glad to be home to ride out the storm and look forward to a drier day.

As it was the pre-Halloween weekend Lara had decorated the Dicus home with seasonal skeletons, cobwebs, pumpkins, ghosts, and pre-historic animals. The front yard Halloween motif set the tone.

We have our own autumn display of a scarecrow family adorned with mums and pumpkins on hay bales. There are more holidays coming up this month and next. The dark days and nights are a good reason to brighten things up.

Trunk or Treat In Mountaintop a beautiful warm

Saturday was the perfect scenario for the Trunk or Treat event on Division Street across from the parking lot at Christ United Methodist Church. Children under age 12 dressed in costume got treats and toys, played games, and got their faces painted.

Mountaintop Eagle’s Samantha Murphy and several businesses from the Mountaintop Small Business Partners decorated their candy-loaded trunks for the fun event for kids. Samantha’s design featured her two dogs Buster and Gibson dressed in Triceratops costumes and their owner a park ranger for the Jurassic Park themed trunk. The effort paid off in a First Place Prize for Samantha’s efforts.

There are so many entertaining options for families this time of year. Make sure you check them out every week in the Mountaintop Eagle.

Election Day We have an election coming

up this week, which includes Crestwood School Board, Municipal Offices, Luzerne County Council, a Court of Common Pleas Retention Question, and state judge elections. The big office in Mountaintop is for District Magistrate. Ferris Webby won Democratic and Republican ballot positions and is in a strong position to win the office next week.

The Mountaintop Eagle has made a chart listing all of the local candidate races. Our readers have told us they clip and bring the chart to the polls to more easily cast their ballots.

Voter turnout has been declining since 1960. I have voted consistently since 1968, when I cast my first presidential vote. Local races are close to home. Our friends and neighbors are on the ballot and we have a personal stake in who we choose.

We must choose wisely for all offices. Election day is Tuesday November 7, 2017.