School Board Questioned On Priority Of Renovations

Crestwood officials proudly showed off their newly renovated auditorium Oct. 19, holding the school board meeting there. Attendees sat on comfortable plush seats and heard the board members, who were seated on the refurbished stage area, much clearer, thanks to a new sound system.

Superintendent Joseph Gorham commented of the new auditorium, “It’s been many months in the making and a lot of patience, but we have a much nicer, brighter environment for our students.”

Still, as the board celebrated the upgrade to the secondary campus, one resident questioned the whereabouts of a buildings study, conducted by Hunt Engineers early this year to help the district decide what renovations should be a priority and what may need improvement in the future. The comments came from Rick Shutt, who questioned the study in the past and the board’s decision to take out a $4.5 million bond for these renovations, as well as the construction of a new field house.

At the Oct. 19 meeting, Shutt commented that he had sent multiple texts and emails to Gorham, asking to see the study on the district’s website. Shutt insinuated that the study wasn’t being revealed to the public because it showed an unfavorable assessment of the buildings. He again stated that the need for walls and doors in the elementary schools should be a bigger priority than other projects.

Both Gorham and Director Ron