Cat Owner Praises Animal Hospital

Dear Editor:

I am writing to point out the highest possible praise that my wife and I have for the staff at Mt. Top Animal Hospital. Drs. Karen Spiece, Gregory Werger, Rachel Wenzel coupled with their tech and administrative staff have shown unmatched competence and superlative caring for us and our cat “Squeak” over the past few months.

In June, “Squeak” was chased up a tree in the middle of the night. He weighs 18 lbs. so was unable to stay there and fell onto a rock wall. He broke all the bones in his right front foot and his back legs were paralyzed for several weeks. In addition, the skin on his chin was dislodged! Thankfully, he is 90% healed

but in great part to the nearly daily attention by the Mt. Top Animal Hospital staff. They even earned high praise for cast and bandage maintenance by the surgeon at Hope Vet Clinic in Malvern, Pa.

I have been part of and a recipient of service from many organizations for over 45 years but the Mt. Top Animal Hospital sets the standard for all. If you are happy with your veterinarian, be loyal to him/her. If not and you want the best, fo see the caring folks at Mt. Top Animal Hospital.

Don & Linda Cardany