Dorrance Township Resident Threatens Lawsuit

The main issue at the Oct. 9 Dorrance Township supervisors meeting was not an agenda item.

It was a complaint from a resident who lives just down the road from the township building and next door to the J & L Market convenience store on Blue Ridge Trail.

Joe Chalawick complained that supervisors and solicitor Don Karpowich had allowed changes to the convenience store that he said amounted to violations of the township’s zoning ordinance.

His main complaint appeared to be that a refrigeration unit was placed outdoors on the side of the convenience store nearest to his home.

“I get to listen to it all night,” Chalawick said. “The owners live in a big house up in Dallas. I saw it on Google Maps. They don’t care what I have to listen to.”

Chalawick also complained that the cover on a light in the Dorrance Township Municipal Park had been removed.

“I sit on my porch at night… and I’ve got that light hitting me in the face,” he said, adding that the light also disturbs his sister, who lives nearby.

Supervisor Gary Zane questioned whether the light in the park is brighter than the streetlight directly in front of Chalawick’s sister’s house, but Chalawick said a tree blocks the streetlight.

If the convenience store’s noise doesn’t stop, Chalawick threatened to sue both the convenience store owners and the township “for not enforcing the zoning regulations.”

After the meeting, Supervisor Kevin Gallagher said the store’s refrigeration units had previously

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