Migratory Bird Presentation Oct. 16 At White Haven Community Library

A presentation titled “Migratory Bird Population Monitoring “ will be held at the White Haven Area Community Library on Monday, October 16 at 6:30 p. m.

Molly Giles a wildlife biologist from the Pennsylvania Game Commission will cover topics related to the management of waterfowl on a flyaway scale. Locally many lake areas are dealing with overpopulation of Canadian geese. Giles will discuss effective management of nuisance goose infestations.

Her presentation will also focus on annual surveys and monitoring activities used to keep track of waterfowl populations in North America and PA. Giles will discusshow activities like the BreedingWaterfowl and Habitat Survey, theHarvest Information Program (HIP) and annual duck and goose bandingoperations contribute to flyway-scale population monitoring and thesetting of hunting regulations. Shewill also have a short presentation onwaterfowl identification, focusing onthe key species seen in PA.

The White Haven Area CommunityLibrary is located at 121 TowandaStreet in White Haven. The programis open to the public and there is noadmission fee. More information canbe found at www.whitehavenlibrary.comor on the Facebook page.