On and Off The Mountain-Stephanie Grubert

It is almost mid-October and we have had unseasonal temperatures for the past couple of weeks. An occasional shower wets the dust but sweaters, warm jackets and fall attire are still at the back of my closet. Rearranging the closets every season lets me purge items no longer needed and make room for new.

The Mountaintop Eagle continues to collect shoes in good condition to be given to people in need. Our coordinator Angela McNally joined Mountaintop resident Miriam Turner to collect shoes for the homeless through Angela’s nonprofit organization, Friends Can Make It Happen. Angela tells us that the shoes most recently have been sent to areas hard hit by hurricanes in Texas and Florida.

Our large box is filled regularly and donors are thrilled to participate in a program they believe in.

I have always enjoyed fashion from the time my mother taught me to sew when I was 11 years old. My sewing dropped off when I bought the Mountaintop Eagle in 1985, but my love of pretty clothes has been ongoing. When we moved to Mountaintop 39 years ago this week my major shopping recourse was mail order before Wyoming Valley retail stores were diversified. Eventually along came the Internet and a whole new way of seeking out goods was born. Many of my recyclables find their way to eBay where I can unite my old favorites with new appreciative owners.

In Mountaintop consignment shops continue to offer local options for item exchanges. It is an excellent source of recycling.

Maylath Family Fun

Our family celebrated the family weekend with our traditional visit to the Maylath Farm in Sugarloaf and a spirited romp through the Corn Maze. It was my best finish ever at 16 minutes and third place, less two minutes behind my energetic grandsons Charlie and Patrick.

Last year Charlie Grubert and Charlie Dicus found all the maze clues in less than 30 minutes. The rest of the family including Lara and Mark Dicus, Patrick, Kate and Maggie Dicus, and me were more challenged. I came out of the maze last at 52 minutes with only 4 stops recorded on my card. So we have become master maze runners or the 2017 Maylath Honey Bee themed Maze was easier.

The kids had a run around the Go-Kart track, shot at targets with the corn cannon, and checked out the small animals in the petting zoo including goats, pigs, rabbits and water fowl. Many of the features we can no longer enjoy including the cow train and the pony rides for the youngest children. The hayride to the pumpkin patch is still very popular as are the hay pyramid and the hay bale maze.

The food selections have grown over the years and feature pulled pork, hamburgers, hotdogs, cheese fries, soup and desserts. There were lots of pumpkins and colorful mums to take home and shopping for apples and fresh vegetables and fresh apple cider made it home and was gone in a day.

We always enjoy bringing home a case of Reading Draft Premium Reserve Soda established in 1921. The soda is caffeine free and made with pure cane sugar and comes in about 6 or more flavors. It is just the special treat to accompany a holiday meal.

The Maylath Farm Fall Event is on weekends until October 29. It is fun for kids of all ages.

Ghoulishly Good Giveaway Mountaintop Eagle readers still

have one more day to enter the “Ghoulishly Good Giveaway”, where 46 winners will win tickets to Gravestone Manor, Reaper’s Revenge, Broken Hearts Asylum, Dracula’s Forest Haunted Hay Ride, 41st Annual Elysburg Haunted House, and the unforgettable Horror Hall in West Nanticoke. Entry Deadline is October 12. You have to play to win.

Wilderness Deer Our “Wilderness Deer” continue

to eat the fallen apples from our leafless backyard tree. Sometimes there are four of five of them out there feasting. I see no deer up in the Gamelands, where I regularly walk. They are hunting for better grazing land. Archery season for deer began at the end of September and there are different versions for the doe and buck with November 27, the Monday after Thanksgiving and also known as “The First Day of Buck” less than 7 weeks away. The animals will soon go into rut or mating season, and this year November 4 is the most likely rut date according to the date of the November full moon. We will see more of them darting out of the woods and onto the roadways. It’s best to travel the speed limit or below. A crash with a dear is a scary experience and will most likely send your car to the body shop.

State of the Union One year ago we were suffering

through the final weeks of the 2016 Presidential Election. Both candidate Clinton and candidate Trump endured painful episodes of name calling and surprise attacks on themselves and their supporters. After the election the tirade continued against President-Elect Trump. Nearly a year later gridlock in Washington D. C. continues to frustrate many of us who yearn for a civil and positive deliverance of government, which does not make a product or create jobs to stimulate the economy.

Businesses large and small have the incentive to operate efficiently most importantly to stay in business. There is no segment that can survive without innovative management. And that includes retail, healthcare, auto manufacturing, and newspaper publishing, to name a few.

The Mountainop Eagle will celebrate 33 years as an independent publication under independent ownership the first week of November. We write the history of our community week by week.