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seemed like a better option than taking the intersection down to a single lane “month after month after month” and needing to use temporary traffic signals or flaggers. Secretary Jeff Beck said Crestwood School District would be notified of the detour for busing purposes.

Rice resident Mark Manosky inquired whether the detour would make it more difficult for emergency crews to respond to calls in a timely fashion. Supervisor Rick Arnold said he has been discussing the situation with the Wright Township Volunteer Fire Department, and some trucks will probably be moved to the Rice garage to help alleviate that concern.

Answering a concern about using Blytheburn as a detour, Thomas explained that supervisors are communicating with Luzerne County to let them know the bridge on Blytheburn needs to be repaired as soon as possible. County crews reduced the Blytheburn bridge to a single lane several months ago because the bridge needs repairs. Supervisors are notifying the county that the proposed detour will shunt extra traffic onto Blytheburn.

In other business, supervisors:

Announced their November meeting will move to 7 p. m. Wednesday, Nov. 8, in place of the originally scheduled meeting that would have conflicted with Election Day on Nov. 7. The first reading of the proposed 2018 budget will be held at that meeting.

Scheduled a hearing at 6:30 p. m. Nov. 8 to hear public comments on revisions to the zoning ordinance. Supervisors intend to change language in the zoning ordinance to regulate the size and placement of “temporary signs” rather than political signs because regulating the content of signs is illegal, Beck explained. Also, they plan to correct an error in ordinance language regarding planned residential communities.

Voted to spend $2,231.17 on printers and accessories to support new software for issuing electronic citations. The software itself will be funded by a state police grant. Franks said the software would reduce clerical work for officers.

Heard from Kite Festival and Trout Derby organizers, who thanked supervisors for donating to successful events for area children. Thomas said she attended the kite festival, and “the wind was so good that even the littlest kids got their kites up.”

Received thanks from resident Elvio Benzi for the road crew’s repairs that he hopes will reduce road drainage washing onto his Wilderness Drive property.

Observed a moment of silence at the meeting’s opening for those suffering from “natural disasters and terrible tragedies of various kinds,” Thomas said, urging that residents “try to be kind to each other and count our own blessings.”