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zoning ordinance. This angered Jacob who disagreed, stating it was Doddo’s job to inform him of the proper system needed.

Supervisor Robert Orloski agreed to look at Jacob’s neighbor’s building plan, to determine if he, in fact, may need the same stormwater system as Jacob. As far as Jacob and the neighbor being held to the same standard, Orloski offered to discuss the matter further with Attorney Donald Karpowich, who was not present at the meeting but was integral in earlier conversations between Jacob and Doddo on the matter.

Next Mark Zurek, of Dale Drive, returned to the board seeking answers about the construction of an extended driveway in his neighborhood, which the board was trying to determine was a paper street or an actual driveway. At last month’s meeting, Zurek and several of his neighbors complained to the board about the driveway, saying it looks more like a trail or access road and devalues their properties. They questioned the zoning law which allowed the construction of this driveway and asked that the law be examined for flaws and possibly changed.

At the Oct. 3 meeting, Zurek again told the board that the new home will be out of character with the neighborhood as it is going to be built far back into the woods. He began questioning which direction the new home will face and stated that he thought it would look “terrible, like a home in a backyard.” Orloski replied that the township cannot dictate the direction someone’s home faces or the aesthetics of it.

Zurek then questioned stormwater runoff from the new property and asked to see the builder’s stormwater-management plan. Doddo explained that no stormwater plan has been issued because a building permit has not been issued. Doddo was out of town for several weeks when Zurek last addressed the board and, upon returning home, the zoning officer visited the site and saw that a foundation had been put in place already but with no permit. He noted that he ordered the builder, Joe Thomas, to halt construction immediately.

“This is totally bogus. It’s unprofessional and unheard of,” said a flabbergasted Zurek. “It’s illegal.”

Orloski, just as surprised as Zurek, asked Thomas, who was present, about the permits. Thomas replied that he had ordered a foundation from an offsite company and, since the foundation was ready before the permits were issued, he had to take it. “How can I trust anything else being told to me?” Zurek asked.

Orloski responded that he will take the matter into his own hands, making sure that further construction is handled property after the correct permits are issued. “I’m embarrassed by it. This is not right,” Orloski said, with Supervisor Russ Marhold adding, “It shouldn’t have happened.”