Fairview Twp Residents Raise Zoning Issues

Two agitated citizens came before the Fairview Township Board of Supervisors Oct. 3, each seeking clarity on the township’s zoning ordinances and how they pertain to both their properties and their neighbors’. The first speaker questioned why his neighbor’s new building was not being held to the same standards as his while the second returned to the board about a new construction project, again questioning the integrity of the zoning law.

Barry Jacob, who built his son’s home on Woodlawn Avenue, was the first to address the board, questioning why a new neighbor does not have to install a stormwater-management system as he and his son did. In the process of building his son’s home a few years ago, Jacob said he came to the township’s zoning office and inquired about permits. He was told at that time, he said, to put a stormwater system in and he did, spending $7,500 on an engineer and equipment.

Now, he related, a neighbor who is building on land that is not only similar to his son’s but on a steeper grade, is building it without the expensive system, as the neighbor told Jacob it is not needed by the township.

“It’s just unbelievable to me,” Jacob said, blaming Zoning Officer John Doddo for not correcting him on the lengths had to go to for installing his system before he went to the trouble and expense. Doddo replied that Jacob, as the builder, should have read the township’s