Racing Enthusiast Jack Weigand Competes At Utah Salt Flats
SALT FLAT RACER-Jack Weigand competed at the Bonneville Salt Flats in the 36 HP Volkswagen Challenge Class. The Karmann Ghia he drove reached a speed of approximately 118 mph. He plans to compete again next year. Jack and his wife Valerie are shown at the Salt Flats.

Mountaintop resident, Jack Weigand recently returned from a trip to Utah early last month; except it wasn’t to sightsee or hike the unique landscape, but to race on it.

Weigand, a 1973 graduate of Crestwood High School, says he has been interested in racing since he can remember. While he originally began the pursuit of a career in the racing business while still in his teens, Weigand’s path the to the Utah Salt Flats has included a wide variety of experiences, including raising three children on the mountain with his wife, Valerie and starting several businesses.

Weigand opened a racecar business in the mid 70’s while still in his teens and briefly made a living driving and building racecars for Evergreen Raceway and other circle tracks. He also supplemented his income as a mechanic and crew chief for the Bertil Roose Racing School, which rented formula cars to celebrities and others considering entering the sport. The company rented to celebrities like Michael Andretti and John Oats, who could essentially show up, race and then go home without the worry and expense of creating an entire race team.

“SCCA Road Racing is very expensive to start a team,” explains Weigand. “We handled getting the car ready for practice, qualifying and the race and handled pit duties as well. I was barely out of high school and making a living at it; and racing is a tough way to make a living.”

Making a living at racing -until the recession of the late 1970’s essentially halted the racecar business for nearly a decade. Weigand’s business didn’t survive, so in the early 80’s he took a