Crestwood Continues Planning Renovations

The Crestwood School Board continues to plan renovations for its secondary campus. At the Sept. 28, meeting, board members gave the green light for improvements to the area surrounding the campus’s baseball field. The board also discussed the final stages in the revamping of the auditorium at the secondary campus and the progress in making a new field house a reality.

The newest project approved is for the area near the baseball field at the secondary campus. The sidewalks on the south end of the school building, leading to the baseball field, will be removed and replaced, and a concrete pad will be added on the baseball-field side of the road for work vehicle traffic. The total cost of this project is not to exceed $16,300 and, on Sept. 28, the board moved to pay Frank Ciavarella Masonry $8,150 for the sidewalks, concrete pad, and installation.

Also approved was the removal of old metal guardrail fencing, which sits along the south side of the school building between the school and baseball fields. Rutkoski Fencing will take on this project and will replace the old fencing with wood guardrail fencing at a cost totaling $19,400.

For the finishing touches on the new auditorium, the board gave approval to Entertainment Services Group, Inc., in the amount of $5,400, for the cost of installing a sound system. Superintendent Joseph Gorham related that he hopes to

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