St. Jude’s Church Notes New Mass Schedule, Office Hours

St. Jude’s Catholic Church services are Saturday: 4 p. m. and Sunday: 8:30 and 11 a. m. New parish office hours are Monday-Thursday: 7:30

a. m.-3 p. m.; Friday and Saturday closed; and Sunday 9:30 a. m.-12:30

p. m.

Children’s Choir rehearsals are

Tuesdays from 4:30-5:15 p. m. in church for students in grades 3-7.

Religious Education-K-6th Grade Religious Education classes have begun on Sundays and Mondays. For the 2017-2018 school year, classes are held on Sundays from 9:30 to 10:45 a. m. and on Mondays from 6:30 to 7:40 p. m.

Parents whose children will receive in the spring of 2018 have begun preparing for First Holy Communion.

Religious Education substitutes are needed for the upcoming school year. Appropriate clearances, VIRTUS training, and Mandatory Reporter training must be completed by the beginning of Religious Education in order to be considered for the substitute list. Please contact Carrie Grandzol at cgrandzol@stjc.orgfor more information.

Students who are in 7th and 8th grade will begin religious education after Columbus Day weekend.

Ladies of St. Jude Parish, are you interested in getting together with other women to explore your faith? Maybe you don’t have much Scripture knowledge or maybe you do and would like to see how the Scriptures apply to your everyday life?

If so, you are invited to consider joining Walking With Purpose at St. Jude Parish.

The book they will be using is called Opening Your Heartand is designed for women new to WWP, as well as those with more Bible study experience.

Topics to be covered include: Conquering your fear; the role of the Holy Spirit in your life; what does the Eucharist have to do with your friendship with Christ; why and how should you pray?; what is the role of suffering in my life.

Interested in learning more? Information about the program as well as registration forms are available online at

For questions about the WWP program, please contact one of the following women who have attended Walking With Purpose sessions. They will be facilitating the program at St. Jude’s.

Please call Karen Hayden 570-233-9966, Cindy Katulka 570-868-8883, Donna Kozden 570-814-3257, Kathy Lee 570-239-0525, Paula Mohutsky 570-592-3803, Carol Ann Pirolli 570-868-6819, Pam Urbanski 570-262-3015 or Patti Capaci 570-262-5452.