Saint Jude School

SAINT JUDE SCHOOL CELEBRATES MASS IN NEW CHURCH-The Saint Jude School sixth grade class had the privilege of leading the first school Mass in the new church. Students read the readings and served as cantors, altar servers and gift bearers during the liturgy. As the student body entered the new worship space they did so with wide eyes and dropped jaws, excited to begin this new chapter of Saint Jude Parish as a school community! Father Joe’s question during the liturgy, “So do you like the new church?” was met with applause and affirmation. The entire student body was two hundred voices strong, filling the church to the rafters and beams as they sang along with Mrs. Maria Fay, music teacher. The sixth grade class is shown celebrating the first school Mass in the new church along with Sister Ellen Fischer, SCC, principal, and Father Joseph Evanko, pastor.