Wright Twp. Amends Zoning Ordinance

The Wright Township Board of Supervisors, at its monthly meeting Sept. 11, amended its zoning ordinance in a manner that would redefine access driveways, created with new home construction, as well as in specifying curb construction requirements connected to these driveways.

Confusion has occurred as to whether it is the township’s or a resident’s responsibility for maintaining and repairing access driveways and the amendment to the zoning law is meant to end that misunderstanding, explained Township Attorney Michael Kostelansky. It will now be clear that it is the property owner’s sole responsibility for the maintenance of the access road, he said, adding that the original ordinance regarding access driveways was adopted in the spring of 1996.

At the Fairview Township Board of Supervisors meeting, held Sept. 5, access driveways were also discussed. Some residents who live on Dale Drive in that township expressed concern about the construction of an extended driveway on their street, which they said looks more like a trail or access road and “cheapens” the aesthetics of their neighborhood. The residents questioned the zoning law which allowed the construction of this driveway and asked that the law be examined for flaws and possibly changed. The Fairview supervisors

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