Garden And Woodland Strangers Program Scheduled August 17 At White Haven Area Library

Strangers lurking in your gardens? No, the program topic will not deal with trespassing neighbors! Instead Dr. Gordon Perry, retired Biology professor from Fairleigh Dickenson University, will be teaching program participants about common diseases plaguing area plants, trees and shrubs.

Free to the public, the presentation will be held on Thursday, August 17 at 6:30 p. m. at the White Haven Area Community Library located at 121 Towanda Street in White Haven.

Culprits such as oak leaf blister, pine needle rust and dogwood anthracnose will be identified along with recommended remedies. Bagworms, gypsy moth and powdery mildew are other causes of common plant disease. Dr. Perry will also be bringing a dissecting microscope so that attendees can see strange life forms that interact with plant life.

Reservations are requested since seating is limited. Call the library at 570-443-8776, check out the library Facebook page or visit at