Rice Board Addresses Dam Repair, Previews Proposed Major Construction

Rice Township supervisors hope to see action on the Ice Lakes dam repair before the end of the year.

At the Aug. 1 supervisors’ meeting, township engineer Andy Pasonick said he intends to submit a “dewatering plan” for partially draining the lake to both the state Department of Environmental Protection and the Fish and Boat Commission this week.

Both agencies have indicated that they may be amenable to doing the draining in late fall after the Northern Cricket Frog’s breeding season, a particular concern of the Fish and Boat Commission.

Before the next supervisors’ meeting on Sept. 5, Pasonick also intends to draw up bid packets outlining the scope of the project so the supervisors can start taking bids immediately after the meeting.

He plans to create three bid packets. The first would be for a contractor to investigate whether it would be better to fix the existing sluice gate on the dam or to bore a new outlet hole through the dam. The second and third bid packets would be for contractors to carry out whichever solution the investigating contractor deems best.

Pasonick said it might be possible to accomplish the partial draining of the lake –the first part of the project –by November if agency approvals and bids all come in quickly.

Pasonick also briefed supervisors