On and Off The Mountain/Stephanie Grubert

I know I often comment on the weather. Sunny or rainy it is what it is and we can only enjoy it or endure it. After two beautiful mostly sunny days last week on Friday and Saturday the dark, dark rain laden skies dawned on Sunday and kept up their dirge for the whole day. It looked like we were going to be stuck in until Wednesday, which is the day the Eagle is received by subscribers in the mail. Luckily the sun peaked out on Monday and I enjoyed my vigorous 4-mile hike into the Gamelands.

Some of my vegetable seeds planted over Memorial Day weekend germinated, lettuce and beets for sure, but I did not see any beans, sunflowers, carrots or squash. I believe it is just too cold for the warm weather crops to grow. I bought tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, celery and broccoli to transplant and those plants are much smaller than the ones I usually find at the same time every year.

Meanwhile the bountiful rainfall has encouraged all the weeds I meticulously tried to suppress with weed screen to reappear with a vengeance. Gardening is an ongoing challenge with the plants you want and those that you don’t.

Summer Fun Scramble Game

While we wait for the real warmth of summer to arrive, and we must believe it will, check out and play the Mountaintop Eagle’s Summer Fun Scramble game. 45 prizes with a total value over $2,200 can be won by unscrambling the clues for the 21 prize locations and enter to win. Checking out the prizes on our Summer Fun Scramble page could also give you some ideas for fun places to visit and enjoy this summer.

The contest runs this month and entries will be accepted until the end of day Wednesday June 28 giving winners lots of time to enjoy their summer fun for July and August. There are prizes to be enjoyed for all ages. Most are within easy driving distance from Mountaintop. Simply cut the entry form out of this week’s paper and get started.

A new feature this year is to enter your responses online through our Facebook page. We regularly post items on Facebook in addition to sharing the Mountaintop Eagle at www.mteagle.com.We’re a

traditional newspaper, a digital source of information and interactive on Facebook. We’re where you want us.

Golfing for Cancer

I’m finally getting in some regular golf games. Charlie and I played all three days of the Memorial Day weekend. We enjoyed 9 holes each day including one practice day with Helene and Jerry Skrocki for the 7th Annual Blue Ridge Trail Pink & Blue Tournament. The tournament was June 3 and I am getting some rhythm to my game once again.

Our foursome won some cash coming in second place for the First Flight, the first time ever for us. With flights one stroke better or worse can make all the difference.

The Pink & Blue addresses cancer awareness including getting mammograms, prostate screenings, and colonoscopies and financial and emotional support to the three local charities we donate to. Like the Relay for Life events that are held around the country and the world, sporting events that support cancer causes are one way of showing support. There is no family that does not have a link to cancer in its many forms.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the most important thing we can do as we age and we are all in that march together from the day we’re born.

Correction I wrote in this column last week

that our new Magistrate Elect Ferris Webby had said he would only serve one term if elected. Mr. Webby is 62 years old and will be eligible to run for a second term in 2023. Another candidate had stated that he would only serve one term if elected. I want to correct that statement attributed to Ferris Webby. He won both the Democratic and Republican nominations and will be on the November 2017 General Election ballot.