Changes Coming To Crestwood School District

Many changes are coming to the Crestwood School District this fall, both in administration and curriculum. The reshaping of how the district is run and managed took endless hours of planning and analysis and, last week, Assistant Superintendent Joseph Rasmus explained the changes and spoke of his excitement for better-run schools.

“We’re changing everything from K to 12, not just hitting the reset button,” Rasmus related. “It’s been a long, arduous process and we’re still in the midst of finalizing the planning, but we are confident we’re well prepared for a successful 2017-18 school year.”

Rasmus, who’s worked at Crestwood for almost a year, supervises curriculum and instruction at each school. While assessing the current structure of the schools and analyzing the marketplace, economy, and atmosphere of local colleges, it

was decided that Crestwood needed

to revamp its teaching methods.

“We’re not diminishing the value

of what we have, we just recognize

the need to change,” Rasmus said.

“Success looks different to the

Crestwood students graduating this

June 13 than it did when I graduated

in June of 1990.”

Another factor in Crestwood’s

decision to change curriculum

came from the Pa Department of

Education’s proposed blueprints

for its new state grading system,

the Future Ready Pa Index. Many

districts related to state officials that

there are concerns with overemphasis

on test scores to measure students’

success rather than actual learning

measures. Crestwood agreed and

hoped that, with the new changes,