Nuangola Council Seeks Help With Costs Of Snow Removal

Having missed their March meeting due to a record snow-storm, Nuangola council members quickly caught up with borough business.

Under the leadership of President Joseph Tucker, members advised that the storm was more than just a white-out, it also resulted in the loss of their main plow truck.

Tucker reported, “We declared an emergency on March 14 with Mayor Rule and we have submitted our disaster aid costs to Luzerne County. Hopefully the governor will help us with the costs of snow removal.”

As the hours went on, he explained, moving the heavy piles to open roads took its toll on the 2002 dump truck and the engine caught fire. “At that point, we only had a pick-up truck to plow. I really have to commend those guys,” he said acknowledging the efforts on the local road crew.

Tucker noted that he experienced a huge sense of relief when the snow started tapering off, but he had to find a piece of equipment with sufficient capacity to move the deep snow filling the streets. To the rescue came the Button Oil Company. “I spoke to Dave Button and they had just received a 4-wheel drive backhoe.” Thanks to that, he said, the roads were opened to traffic, “They went above and beyond.”

Tucker added that the insurance company covered the cost of the machine and operator.

It was agreed to salvage usable equipment off the dump truck and they will begin the search for a replacement.

Adding to the news of the good neighbor policy of Button Oil, Tucker advised that the contracted garbage hauler, Gitten’s Disposal, contacted council early on the day before the storm and offered to come out that evening for trash collection rather than missing the Tuesday pick up due to the storm. Thanks to local community groups sending out emails, he reported, Gitten’s “figured that 90% of our garbage got picked up between 8 pm and 12 o’clock the

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