St. Jude School

PROJECT MANAGER SPEAKS TO ST. JUDE STUDENTS-Mr. Joe Yusinski, Project Manager for the construction of the new church for St. Jude Parish, spoke to the middle school students at St. Jude School about his responsibilities in directing the building project for Sordoni Construction. Mr. Yusinski’s main focus was to impress upon the students the importance of math in every aspect of the construction process not only in his capacity, but in the construction workers jobs as well. Some of the areas where he explained the use of math were in scheduling, ordering, deliveries, heating and plumbing systems, building estimates, and slope of the terrain. He also explained how he has to handle other issues such as staffing, following government regulations, and managing personalities. Shown from left are Rachel Black, Julianna Powis, Yusinski, Reilly Smullen, and Raymond Sabatini.