“THINKFIRST!” PROGRAM PRESENTED AT ST. JUDE’S-“ThinkFirst!” is a nationally recognized program dedicated to preventing traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries in young people through education and research. The program stresses that the number one killer of young people is traumatic injury caused by vehicle crashes, violence, falls, sports, and other causes. The only “cure” is preventing injuries from happening in the first place. The presenters offered valuable tips on how to stay safe especially in sports and recreational situations and explained what happens should a person become injured and the types of rehabilitation needed. The program was conducted by Matt Banford, ThinkFirst! Coordinator and Occupational Therapist, and Sarah Prebich, Physical Therapist, both from Heinz Rehab in Wilkes-Barre. Shown, front from left: Luis Ortiz and Camden Brownell. Row two: Melody Josefowicz, Isabelle Wasley, and Payton Bayley. Back: Jacob Kopko, Prebich, and Banford.