Malkemes Family Organizes ALS Walk

Ken Malkemes Jr. was a man of dedication and determination. He fought hard in his battle with ALS, never giving up, all while continuing to lend unwavering support to both his family and his community. To honor Ken’s spirit and to raise money and awareness that may someday lead to a cure for ALS, the Malkemes family has organized a walk in Ken’s memory.

The event will be held at Crestwood High School on Saturday, April 15 –one day after the one-year anniversary of Ken’s passing. The walk will raise money for the ALS (amyotrophic laterals sclerosis) Association, which was integral in helping the Malkemes family as they endured Ken’s struggle.

“As we’re approaching the first anniversary of Kenny’s passing, I wanted to do something,” his wife, Cathy, related. “The day is going to be sad, that’s understandable. But for me and my boys, I wanted to find a way to get them through it on a positive note and to celebrate their dad’s life.”

Those who attend the walk will also be given the opportunity to register as organ donors, through the Gift of Life donor program. Ken was an organ donor and, Cathy said, while the family lost control to the disease, being able to help someone in dire need through Ken’s organ donation was a way for them to take back some control and do something positive.

On the night Ken passed away, his left kidney was flown by helicopter to a woman in need. “It saved her life that evening and it gave us a sense of