Wright Board Approves Motion To Stop Attorney General Investigation

After a heated end to last month’s Board of Supervisors meeting in Wright Township, where a split board agreed to involve the state’s Attorney General in investigating the conduct of one supervisor and the township attorney, that decision was this month rescinded.

On March 13, Chairman Louis Welebob Jr. initiated the motion to stop the investigation of Supervisor Donald Zampetti and Township Attorney Michael Kostelansky.

At last month’s board meeting, Supervisor Michael Marshall stated that it was improper for Zampetti to hire Kostelansky to represent his friend in a police matter in Rice Township. Both parties denied any wrongdoing and Zampetti said he was acting as a private citizen, not a supervisor.

Kostelansky stated it wasn’t a conflict since it was a private matter and it involved Rice, not Wright, Township. Marshall asserted that the move is unethical because of Wright Township’s involvement, along with Rice and Fairview Police, in the Mountaintop Regional Police Commission.

On Feb. 13, Marshall made a motion to have the attorney general investigate and he was backed by supervisors Welebob and Colleen Macko. Supervisor Jerome Uram was absent.

Welebob, who moved on March 13 to rescind that action, was this time backed by all but Marshall. He then commented that, while things said can’t be taken back, the parties involved should work to move forward together and put the best interest of Wright Township first.

In other business, the Wright Township Police answered 212 calls in February, reported Uram. Those included four thefts, three counts of harassment, and one count of fraud, narcotics possession, narcotics use, child abuse, and littering. Police issued nine traffic citations, two non-traffic citations, and responded to two motor-vehicle accidents.

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