Free Community Seminar On Gun Laws Set April 6

Mountain Top on the Move is sponsoring a free Community Seminar on Pennsylvania Gun Laws on Thursday, April 6th from 7 to 9 pm at the Wright Township Fire Hall.

The moderator will be Dr. Mark Bohn, Committee Chairman, NRA Firearms Instructor, Retired.

The expert panel will consist of: Chief Royce Engler, Wright TownshipPolice Dept.; Christopher Slusser, Criminal Defense Attorney, Slusser Law Firm; Gary Tredinnick, Firearms Dealer and NRA Firearms Instructor; Mike Giaramita, U. S. Law Shield Defense Program.

During the seminar, topics will be announced by the moderator and addressed to the panel one at a time. Each panel member will have 2 to 3 minutes to express both facts and opinions on the topic. The panel will not take questions immediately, as time is limited and this would greatly slow the presentations. Notepads and pencils will be distributed beforehand. Audience members will be asked to write down any questions or concerns. These will be reviewed and summarized by the moderator, then directed to the panel for discussion during the Q&A session after all topics have been addressed.

Topics of discussion will include the following: choosing the right guns and ammo: home versus street; the basics of the “Castle Doctrine”; the basics of the “Stand Your Ground” laws; What is “justifiable use of force?”; “drag the body inside/put a knife in his hand” myths; “warning shots/Shoot him in the leg” myths; Aftermath of a Shooting: in the home versus on the street; Criminal versus Civil Laws; the financial realities of a shooting; transporting firearms in your vehicle; open versus concealed carry laws; “brandishing” a firearm in public; and question & answer session with the audience.

Free information pamphlets and other resource materials will be allowed, but no products or services will be bought or sold during the event. Complimentary coffee and cupcakes will be available.