On and Off The Mountain-Stephanie Grubert

Spring is truly on the horizon when the Blue Ridge Trail Golf Club opens for the season. The BRT Ladies League will meet at the clubhouse on March 25 to plan their new season. Weather permitting the league will begin the first week of April. 2017 is shaping up for an early start to spring sports including golf,

We will turn our clocks ahead one hour on Saturday March 11 for Daylight Savings Time and the wonderful bright mornings will be darker again giving us the extra light at the end of the day. Sunrise will be 7:20 a. m. and Sunset will be 7:07 p. m. Total daylight is 11 hours and 47 minutes. By April 1 we will gain 32 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the afternoon for a total of 52 additional minutes of daylight. The earth is warming and we are into our new season.

Nominating Petitions

Nomination petitions for district magistrate, municipal supervisors, councilmen and auditors, and school directors were due this week. Local elections are held every other year and most of the decisions are made at the primary election. Magistrate and school directors can cross-file on both the Republican and Democratic ballot. If a candidate gets the most votes on both ballots they are in for sure.

The Mountaintop Eagle will continue to cover the individual campaigns with the help of the candidates and their campaign managers. All elected offices are important. Government begins at the local level.

Mountaintop Eagles

Mark Venturi, who was driving by the Upper Ice Lakes Park in Rice Township when he spotted it, photographed one of Mountaintop’s Bald Eagles in February 2016. Our veteran Mountaintop Eagle photographer John Wengrzynek shot some beautiful photos of a Bald Eagle, which I named the “Mountaintop Eagle” at Blytheburn Lake several years ago. That photo is on our Mountaintop Eagle Facebook page. Eagles live in pairs for 20 to nearly 40 years. Venturi’s eagle siting is most likely the one John photographed

Diane O’Malley photographed “a bald eagle posing majestically in the warm sunlight in the Mountain Top area” featured in Tom Venesky’s Times Leader column on February 17, 2017. That same piece noted, “Last summer, the Pennsylvania Game Commission released a rehabilitated eagle at Blytheburn Lake, and once it flew to a nearby tree two other eagles appeared.” Be on the look out. These majestic birds live with us.

Trump Administration

President Donald Trump has been in office for nearly 7 weeks and he continues to initiate changes to government in Washington D. C. in fulfillment of campaign promises. Trump won as a Republican and the Democratic minority is dedicated to obstructionism at every turn. The election was over four months ago. Trump will push forward in spite of the adversity.

Repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act, which we have learned now is not affordable for millions of intended users is getting heavy attention this week. Tax cuts for individuals and businesses are right in the mix for changes this year too.

Our country experienced 8 years of gridlock with the previous administration. Strangulating regulation became the norm. There is a positive confidence in programs that the Trump administration is proposing. Look no further than our stock markets to measure the impact.

The Mountaintop Eagle files its corporate income tax returns in March. The exercise gives me pause to compare year over year how our financials are coping with what has been an extended weak economy. All businesses large and small strive to survive and prosper in their quest for success. Payrolls are met, taxes are paid, and the economy grows. America will be great again.